Performance Sheet

Weekly Performance Sheet

     Weekly Performance Sheets are meant to help everyone!  It is a tool used to make everyone aware of what is happening in the classroom during the school day.
     The way they work is, I will give every student a new sheet on Monday morning to use for the week.  At the end of every school day, I will record each student's classroom performance for that day.  Students will take the sheet home, and bring it back to school each day.  At the end of the week on Friday after school, they will share their completed performance sheet with you for you to sign.  Finally, they will return the sheet to me on Monday morning.
     Students should strive to remain in good standing in my class.  However, if they do make a behavior error, they will receive a reminder to improve their behavior before they receive a mark under "Needs to Improve" on their performance sheet.  Students that remain in good standing during the entire week will be rewarded with 45 minutes of game time on Friday.  Students with more than two marks under "Needs to Improve" for the week, will use game time to reflect on their choices during the week, as well as to create an action plan for improvement.
     Please sign Performance Sheets every Friday after school.  This not only helps keep everyone on track at school, but it may also help you decide if a weekend reward is in order, or if maybe the weekend trip to Disneyland should wait.😉
     Thank you in advance for all of your support!

With appreciation,
Mrs. Hoehn